Join us this weekend, March 5th and 6th, for Dreams & Wonders. Our very own Matt Hinsley will be joined by globe-trotting Lebanese-American vocalist Bouchra Hachem and guitarist William Flores, Sergeant in the US Army Band and an alum of ACG’s education programs. We added a new performance on Saturday at 4:30pm due to fast sales of the other two shows! Find ticket information here.


We are so excited to share music with friends this weekend in our new home, The Rosette! We constantly find ourselves in awe of the connections we make with our community and we are ready to celebrate! 

Dreams & Wonders is intended to help celebrate each other, ourselves, and life! We got the opportunity to hear what Matt had to say about what Dreams & Wonders means to him, 

“I try to be in a state of wonder in my waking hours. To me, the world is miraculous. We are surrounded by incomprehensible beauty all the time. Yet, as humans, with our brains, and our fears, and our toils, we are prone to distraction by that which we desire and fear. For me, to be in wonder, is to admit to not knowing, to not owning, to not controlling, but, rather, to be grateful for all the things greater than oneself. 

I think music is a human expression of wonder. Music itself is a language we all understand, yet it has no referential or specific meaning. It is a medium for wonder. I believe when humans have an intention that is tinged with wonder, it manifests as a dream (rather than a goal, or a to-do list). ACG, for me, is a dream.”

Matt will also be joined on stage by Bouchra Hachem and William Flores! 

William is a graduate of ACG Education from McCallum High School from 2008. He joined the US Army Band, and last year as he started contemplating next steps, reached out about giving back to ACG and is now on our Board of Directors! 

Will introduced us to Bouchra, a marvelous Lebanese-American singer who has been dazzling the stage in the Middle East, The Gulf, Turkey, Europe, and the USA with her unique style and boundary breaking musicianship!

We are thrilled to see the three of them light up the stage this weekend! Matt shared,

“I love performing. I don’t do it often, but it is always a joy. And I love making music with others, so being on stage with William and Bouchra is particularly special. 

This concert represents a few huge things. One is that we’ve just opened a new home – our first home – at ACG. I can’t possibly overstate the importance of this historic moment for ACG, and I can only refer back to my comments about wonder and dream as I contemplate its significance. 

Another thing is that we are emerging into a kind of spring time not only seasonally, but with regard to the pandemic as well. Who knows what will happen long term, of course. But at the moment things are opening up, people are emerging and gathering, and we have all developed a new appreciation of the glory and joy of togetherness. I think this concert is a celebration of togetherness.”

We can’t wait to share smiles, conversations, and music with you soon! Learn more about what to expect this weekend in the interview between Matt Hinsley and Artistic Director Joe Williams below!