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Education is at the center of our service here at ACG and we are grateful to continue to grow and share in moments of inspiration with teachers and students in this, our 20th Anniversary of ACG Education.

In 2012, ACG in collaboration with Austin ISD, built the first Large Guitar Ensemble Concert and Sight Reading Contest. Just a couple weeks ago, after a two-year pandemic hiatus,  we had the opportunity to host forty one middle and high school guitar ensembles from across Texas at the AISD Performing Arts Center . We are truly amazed by the talented teachers and students that bring such artistry, passion, and dedication to their performances. And we are so thankful to be a part of the evolution and growth of these programs. 

Here are a few select performances from the two-day event. 

Ann Richards HS Non-Varisty Guitar

Kealing MS Varsity Guitar

Bedichek MS Varsity Guitar

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