2021 is the 20th anniversary of ACG Education. We’ll be celebrating all year long! Here is a beautiful story from one of our graduates who’s just returned to teach in the Austin ISD District. Click here to learn more about ACG Education.

Developing and keeping life-long connections with our community is something we at ACG are very passionate about and grateful for. These connections transform our world and are continuously inspiring. We’ve made connections in numerous ways, including through our ACG Education.

This week we had the opportunity to speak with Susana Diaz-Lopez, a young woman we first met years ago at Travis High School. Susana recently came full circle as an employee of Austin ISD, teaching guitar in the same district where she herself first learned to play. 

Susana joined guitar class in her junior year of high school under the direction of Susan Rosanc. There she also met ACG instructor Brent Ferguson. Later she became a member of ACG Youth Orchestra. 

Susana has worked with us in so many ways including speaking at our annual Guitar Under the Stars gala, interning with our production team, and last year teaching in our juvenile justice system programs as a contract member of our education team. 

“Being a part of ACGYO was an amazing experience! Having the opportunity to play with the group created new challenges for me and pushed me as a musician and it was so amazing to play next to such talented young musicians.” – Susana Diaz-Lopez

Susana continued her music education after high school with Brent Ferguson. She shared a little about her journey, 

“When I was in high school, ACG sponsored free private guitar lessons for students and I was set up with Brent Ferguson. I enjoyed the lessons so much that I continued them even after high school and later followed Professor Ferguson to Washburn University where I also took composition lessons with him! I worked with him with the Washburn Community Ensembles, as well as competed in his event for the 100th anniversary of Charlie Chaplin.” 

We were so ecstatic to have Susana join our Education team working with our Juvenile Justice Programs this past season: 

“At first I was nervous that I would have some trouble being able to connect with the students, but overall my experience has been so great! The students I have the pleasure of working with are learning so fast and are so excited for class everyday. I’m catching on to the unique ways each student learns and I’ve learned a lot from every single one of them. It makes me so proud to see each one improve.” -Susana Diaz-Lopez

We’re thrilled for Susana, and cannot wait to see the magic and beauty she produces in the future!