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Today, we at ACG would like to share our utmost gratitude for Daniel Baugh and Cálido Guitars.

“Dan and Cálido have been partners and supporters of ACG Education for over ten years! Dan has frequently supported our programs with instruments and our teacher summits through sponsorship. Last year when the Dallas County Juvenile Justice System program started, Dan donated the first fifteen guitars we needed, and now, a year later as the program is doubling in size, Dan jumped at the chance to donate fifteen more. Dan’s got a huge heart, and I’m so grateful for his friendship and support.” – Matt Hinsley, Executive Director

ACG Juvenile Justice is a music education program creating a safe space for incarcerated youth in juvenile detention centers. Safe spaces are created through group guitar classes that provide an environment to foster a sense of personal success and accomplishment while providing an outlet for personal expression. 

Daniel’s support of this program has and continues to create incredible opportunities, change, and joy in the lives of the young people in these communities. Learn more about our Juvenile Justice programs here.

This week we had the opportunity to speak with Daniel about his own interest in guitar and how he got to a place where he’s able to give back to the community!

Daniel took piano lessons for a few years in his early grade school years but picked up the electric guitar in highschool. He dove into the world of 60’s rock and roll and started up a band! However, life steered him away from the instrument for a while once he began his studies in college and didn’t pick it back up until he began taking classical guitar lessons at age 52. Daniel says, 

“Marc Garvin was my teacher in Houston for about 10 years. I love the instrument and was teaching a few students when I began to pursue guitars for my students while overseas. When I realized I could get good guitars for students I found myself importing and selling guitars”

Once Daniel began importing high-quality guitars he connected with the guitar professor at UT Austin, Adam Holzman. Daniel shared, 

“It truly was a divine appointment because Adam introduced me to Matt Hinsley. One day Matt asked me if I could supply guitars to schools and I said, “Sure!”. Next thing I know I am providing hundreds of guitars to schools all over the USA. Most of the contacts have come through ACG or by word of mouth from the teachers who come to the Guitar Curriculum training events.”

Daniel is inspired by music education and how it has the power to transform lives, 

“There were no opportunities to learn guitar at school when I was growing up. I love helping students with guitars because music changes their lives forever. It is something they can do for the rest of their lives. It is a part of their life that they can share with others. This is a very powerful and positive influence in the lives of young people and I want to be a part of that. Bach famously said that the sole purpose of music is the glory of God. I believe that. And I see it happening when music changes a person’s life. I love helping other people fulfill their needs in finding the guitar for them, and helping students to be involved in music. I never dreamed that I would be doing this at this point in my life, but it is truly a joy.”

The magic that has manifested from the donations of Daniel Baugh and Cálido Guitars in the lives of the young people in our community is truly too massive to measure. We could not be more grateful. Thank you! 


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