A Few Words from Scott Tennant

Scott TennantOne of the most influential classical guitarists of the modern era, Scott Tennant is a founding member of the LA Guitar Quartet, Associate Professor of Classical Guitar Studies at USC, and author of Pumping Nylon, one of the most widely read classical guitar manuals ever published.

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"ACG is not your typical classical guitar society. Thanks to Matt Hinsley’s vision and tireless efforts, it not only promotes guitar performances, but spreads the joy of music to the community through supporting new compositions and educational opportunities to children, among many other things.

My recent experience with a composition they commissioned by Nico Muhly, “How Little You Are”, was not only a wonderful experience, but one of the most incredible new works I’ve heard in a long time. All of us involved were amazed how it successfully pulled together so many facets of the arts in Austin, and it was truly an honor to be a part of that.

All in all, ACG’s commitment to promoting the arts through our beloved vehicle - the guitar - continues to blow me away, and inspire me."