A Testament of Impact from a Middle School Music Teacher

Dallas Shreve teaches music at Dobie Middle School in Austin.


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"As a first year teacher with a percussion background and only a few years of experience teaching guitar to individuals, I had no idea how to facilitate and manage a room of 25 highly energetic middle schoolers with guitars. Austin Classical Guitar has not only been an amazing resource for behavior management and classroom technique, but I cannot say enough about the curriculum. Guitarcurriculum.com has methodically laid out procedures, repertoire, and technique for beginners to advanced players so that the teacher just has to facilitate. The flexibility of the curriculum takes the rigidness out of following it verbatim as well.


Jeremy Osborne, ACG Assistant Director of Education in the classroom
Austin Classical guitar has provided me with an amazing mentor as well. Jeremy Osborne has spent countless hours investing into me and my students. Whenever he visits my classroom, I always feel like I've gained another level of insight on how to inspire and motivate my students.


My students ask me everyday when they will get to attend another classical guitar concert at the PAC. Most of them are from disadvantaged backgrounds and could not afford to attend world-class performances like these. With the complimentary tickets from ACG, I'm able to introduce my students to a world they otherwise would have never known about. One of my students, feeling under-dressed and a little intimidated at the most recent concert, said to me "Mister, I don't think we belong here" to which I replied, "This place was built for you! You do belong here! And here is the man that gave you tickets!" We then got to thank Mr. Hinsley personally for the free tickets. I feel so blessed to have gained friendships and relationships with ACG. Thank you Mr. Hinsley and Austin Classical Guitar!"