We’ve had an amazing time putting Austin Pictures together, from selecting the incredible artists, and watching them complete their brilliant paintings, to seeing the many ensemble members learning Joseph Williams’ new Austin-inspired piece, to working with Caballero, Maestro Bay, and the Miró Quartet, to putting the extensive AV together with the Alamo Drafthouse!

The show is this Saturday, and here’s our top-twelve favorite things online so far.

#12          The article in the Oklahoman about the kids from OKC coming down.

#11           Our talk with composer Joseph Williams II about his new piece.

#10           A clip of Caballero… doing the amazing thing he does!

#9            Our talk with the Miró String Quartet.

#8            The wonderful community pictures shared via Facebook.

#7            A conversation with the Alamo’s Tim League.

#6            The great Austin Pictures Article at CultureMap.

#5            This great TV video story about the students from Brownsville.

#4            Our talk with Peter Bay.

#3            The Austin Chronicle Article about Austin Pictures.

#2            The incredible video piece by KUT about the artists!


#1            The 11 commissioned paintings: see them online here!