We’ve had an amazing time putting it together, from selecting the incredible artists, and watching them complete their brilliant paintings, to seeing the many ensemble members learning Joseph Williams’ new Austin-inspired piece.  The show is this coming Saturday, and here’s our top-ten favorite things online so far (well…, 9 out of 10 are online, you’ll have to attend in order to see the movie – not to mention the performances!).


#10          The article in the Oklahoman about the kids from OKC coming down.

#9            Our talk with composer Joseph Williams II about his new piece.

#8            A clip of Caballero… doing the amazing thing he does!

#7            Our talk with the Miró String Quartet.

#6            The wonderful community pictures shared via Facebook.

#5            A conversation with the Alamo’s Tim League.

#4            The great Austin Pictures Article at CultureMap.

#3            Our talk with Peter Bay.

#2            The fabulous movie about the artists.  You have to come to see it!


#1            The 11 commissioned paintings: see them online here!