For Austin Pictures, KMFA Classical 89.5 is not only a Media Sponsor, they have also joined us as a production partner to broadcast the evening live simultaneously with the show!  So if it turns out you can’t come down to see the show at ACL Live on October 1st… you can still tune in your radio, or listen online, to the whole production.

This is actually not the first time we’ve played together like this.  Do you remember the last time they broadcast a show live for us?  It was for the opening of Austin Goes Classical last summer at the Long Center when Pepe Romero played his dazzling, sold-out show at the Long Center.  What a night that was!

We love KMFA.  And we wanted to sit down with KMFA’s General Manager, Joan Kobayashi, to learn a bit more about the station.

Matt Hinsley for Austin Pictures: What are some core principles or values that define KMFA?

Joan Kobayashi for KMFA: We include excellence of content, fiscal responsibility and community collaboration as some of our most important core principles.  All of our principles require a constant focus on community trusteeship and stewardship.  Staff, board, listeners and donors alike are all trustees and stewards of this community asset we call 89.5, KMFA – an all-classical public radio service for Austin and Central Texas.  We consider the station and its resources as a trust we must preserve and enhance – and we operate with a sense of stewardship on behalf of the communities we serve, consciously working to honor the trust placed in us.

MH: Why do you feel it’s important to give back to our community?

JK: We are part of, sustained by, and serve our community.   Giving back is an inherent part of our mission and community responsibility.  KMFA has long considered gifts in support of our station as gifts for Central Texans.

MH: Why are you supporting Austin Pictures?

JK: We feel strongly that our programming should be reflective of our community – and live broadcasts of locally based performances are the epitome of that reflection.  Having successfully collaborated with the Austin Classical Guitar Society in the past, we accepted without hesitation when asked to be part of Austin Pictures.  Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition is described as a monumental masterpiece –  so, too, is this amazing collaborative event that you – Matt Hinsley  – have put together.  We’re thrilled to extend its reach to as many people as possible through our broadcast!

MH: Tell me about the live broadcast you’re planning?

JK: Our broadcast will begin at 7:30pm on October 1st and will be co-hosted by Dianne Donovan (KMFA mid-day announcer and Classical Austin producer) and Keith Neisler (KMFA Program Director).  Content will include feature interviews with the performers before the concert and during intermissions.  We will also have an online component where the performance’s multimedia images will be displayed on our website.

MH: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

JK: That we can’t wait!  We particularly love working with you and the Austin Classical Guitar Society (ACGS).  We’re also proud to collaborate with KUT and ACGS in presenting “Classical Cactus,” a new program that features the Austin Classical Guitar Society’s series of the same name at the Cactus Cafe.  Our first program airs September 6th, and the remainder of the series will air throughout the year.  More great Classically Austin programming!