These three portraits – of Angelica Campbell, Justice Phillips, and Claire Puckett – were shot in October 2021, by photographer Phil Kline right here at the Baker School. Photos from that shoot were then published as part of a feature by Brian C. Parker in the December issue of Tribeza Magazine.

Angelica, Justice, and Claire are all members of the ACG team, and they are also all alumni of our education programs. In recent years it has been a great joy to have alumni return as teachers in AISD, performing and composing artists, educators, interns, and staff members.

Read the Tribeza feature here.

Angelica Campbell is ACG’s Director of Communications. Angelica created the post you’re reading right now, for example!

Claire Puckett is our Music & Healing program manager and is, herself an ACG Music & Healing artist. ACG Music & Healing pairs carefully trained artists with individuals facing a variety of challenges to help process and channel emotions into meaningful musical experiences, often a co-written song. You can read more about ACG Music & Healing online here, and here’s an example of a song Claire wrote with clients at Dell Children’s Hospital NICU.


Justice Phillips is our Director of Customer Experience. If you’ve bought tickets from ACG, you’ve probably heard from Justice! Justice is also a super talented guitarist and composer. Here’s a piece he recently wrote for his middle school alma mater, Lively Middle School that was a collaboration with Lively’s dance, guitar, and orchestra programs.