Our loft displays six images taken from a multi-media production called I/WE 2020 created in collaboration with ARCOS. Photography is by Paulo Tavares.

Developed during the pandemic, I/WE 2020 is a film collaboration between ACG and the adventurous techno/performance art dance troupe ARCOS. It is based on the 2017 ACG multimedia concert i/we.

The original production of i/we was inspired by interviews with Syrian & Iraqi refugees during their first 90 days in Austin. The performance focused on the themes of home, empathy and our shared humanity in a time of polarization. ACG Artistic director, Joe Williams, in collaboration with co-artistic directors Travis Marcum and Matthew Hinsley, wrote a new piece based on these interviews and was awarded Best New Composition of 2017 by The Austin Critics Table. 

For I/WE 2020, Erica Gionfriddo and Eliot Gray Fisher of ARCOS collaborated with four dancers (Bonnie Cox, Ginnifer Joe, Kaitlyn Jones and Oddalys Salcido) to recontextualize the music and stories of i/we. With performances inventively filmed in spaces around the State of Texas, I/WE 2020  reveals, with new light, these timeless themes. Read more about the production, in our I/WE 2020 blog post

Watch the first movement, A new home, with dancer Oddalys Salcido, guitarists Alejandro Montiel and Isaac Bustos, violinist Jennifer Choi, cellist Louis-Marie Fardet, and clarinetist Håkan Rosengren.