Austin Classical Guitar Youth & Community Ensembles 

The mission of ACG’s Youth & Community Ensembles is: We strive for beauty. Our work is built on a foundation of mutual respect and earnest endeavor so that we may discover, enjoy and share through music making.  Founded in 1999, the Choir & Chamber Ensemble have offered a welcoming environment for adults to make music for over 20 years.  The Youth Camerata & the Youth Orchestra bring together passionate young guitarists from all over our city to collaborate, refine, and share unforgettable musical experiences. 


Our blog is overflowing with beautiful stories, videos, and insights. We include one in every virtual concert program, but if you’d like to read more, or see the videos they mention click here.

Tonight we’d love to highlight a beautiful reflection from Lively Middle School’s Guitar Director, Meredith McAlmon about ACG’s Outreach performance program

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