ACG Watch Party

From feature film to documentaries and concerts, ACG Watch Party live streamed videos from our past works and gave audiences a chance to hear from those whose artistry made them happen. Here you can re-watch all our ACG Watch Parties!


Join ACG Executive Director Matt Hinsley and special guest Oliver Rajamani as they reminisce and give special insights into the November 2019 KLRU TV special that was made from Oliver’s April 2019 Flamenco India spectacular, produced by ACG in KLRU’s studio 6A.

Sing me a Lullaby

ACG Education Director, and Director of Music & Healing, Travis Marcum, is joined by Executive Director Matt Hinsley, and ACG lullaby artists Arnold Yzaguirre and Claudia Chapa to introduce the 2015 KLRU Arts in Context called Sing Me A Lullaby. Director Mario Troncoso beautifully documents ACG’s Lullaby Project and Education Program, following the team to various schools and facilities. The crew even took a trip with us to visit our partner program in St. Louis, Missouri.

After the feature, ACG lullaby artists share their experiences, answer questions, and even show a special never-before-seen lullaby performance by Arnold and Claudia!


Join us for a “director’s commentary” watch party for our recent film dream, which focuses on youth voices and perspectives in the modern world. Hear about the process of creating this work from artistic directors Joe Williams and Travis Marcum, filmmaker Alonso Lujan and guitarist Isaac Bustos. We are so excited that Lennox, one several young people whose stories inspired the work, will be joining us as well! This is a chance to dive deep into how story, music, and vision come together.

Music & Healing

ACG Executive Director, Matt Hinsley, and ACG’s Director of Music & Healing, Travis Marcum, introduce us to several of the amazing artists who use their sensitivity, caring, and talent each day to bring comfort to individuals throughout our community. We hear stories of ACG Music & Healing, gain insight into these special programs, and share some of the personal songs that have grown out of the relationships.

Austin Pictures Part 1 and 2

Matt Hinsley, Joe Williams, Maestro Peter Bay from the Austin Symphony Orchestra, and violinist Daniel Ching from the Miro String Quartet, talk about one very special day in October, 2011, when more than 125 musicians and artists came together to celebrate our community and togetherness. Throughout our conversation we share stunning concert footage from that memorable show, captured by KLRU.

In Part 2, Matt Hinsley introduces us to the one and only Jorge Caballero, one of our favorite artists at ACG. We’ve had many adventures with Caballero. Perhaps none of our adventures have been more spectacular than Austin Pictures when Jorge performed the nearly-impossible Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky on solo guitar.

Juvenile Justice

Jeremy Osborne, ACG’s Assistant Director of Education and Director of our Juvenile Justice Programming, has been working with incarcerated youth nearly every school day since 2010. The depth of this work, the impact, and the stories are profound, complex, and beautiful. Along with several guests, Jeremy shares insights into this unique work, along with moving video and audio features.