We’re thrilled to present An Tran in concert on Saturday, October 30 at 4:30 and 8 and Sunday October 31 at 4:30. The Saturday 8pm concert will also be live-streamed. Tickets and information are here: In-Person / Online. Here’s a story about a very exciting new feature of ACG concert events. Enjoy!

A particularly cool new partnership has grown out of our recent move into the Baker Center in Hyde Park. This is the same space where we’re building our new home for guitar called The Rosette! We’ll share much more on that very soon.

One of our new neighbors at the Baker Center is Mondo the ultra-creative art company connected to the Alamo Drafthouse. Mondo makes puzzles, books, games, and all kinds of creative merchandise, it’s always fun to see what they’re up to. Among many other things, Mondo has a full-fledged old-style print shop run by master printer Travis Lewis. We got talking one day and thought it would be a beautiful thing if, from now on, ACG’s concert programs could become limited-series original prints of newly-commissioned works by Austin-based visual artists. It would make our concert programs memorable keepsakes from each unique concert experience we present. Plus, it would help us support more artists!

So we’re thrilled to share a few photos of the process in action. Here is our concert program for our October 30-31 concerts with the lyrical guitar virtuoso An Tran, being made by Travis in the Mondo print shop at Baker Center. The artwork was made by artist Lance Letscher who we found through our partners at Flatbed Press. We can’t wait to place these beautiful prints in guests’ hands at An Tran’s concerts over the weekend.

Would you like to join us? Tickets and information are here: In-Person / Online