For the last eight years, ACG Music & Healing has built beautiful connections in our community. This special initiative pairs songwriters with individuals experiencing profound challenges to use music as a pathway for connection and self-expression in creating original songs that give voice to their hopes, fears, and dreams. WE’VE ALWAYS KNOWN brings together four amazing singer/songwriters to re-interpret, re-visit and share some of these extraordinary pieces of music. Featuring guitarist Claire Puckett, violinist Camille Schiess, multi-instrumentalist Daniel Fears, and Music & Healing Director and guitarist Travis Marcum. Join us for this unforgettable evening on March 25-26. Find tickets here.

Below are the song descriptions for this concerts program.


In the Garden Green 

By Meg with Travis Marcum & Amelia DeVivo

In the Garden Green was written as a part of Lullaby Project in Spring 2019 by Meg for her son Garner. As she thought about meeting her baby for the first time, Meg used the familiar image of a garden as a symbol of growth and peace through the joy and challenges of life. Meg, her husband Tom and their now two little ones Garner and Cora are long time friends of Travis and Amelia. In the Garden Green was written together in friendship and support of the beautiful life ahead for their family. You can listen to the song here.


I am Strong

By L. with Claire Puckett

Community Partner: Red Oak Hope

I am Strong was written by L. in Summer of 2022 in collaboration with ACG community Partner Red Oak Hope. Red Oak Hope is a world-wide organization based out of Austin serving women who are victims of trafficking and exploitation. L. and Claire Puckett wrote a truly powerful song about perseverance in the face of doubt and adversity. You can hear L. singing I am Strong here


Beauty in My Pain

By Lexi with Daniel Fears

Community Partner: Texas Oncology

Beauty in My Pain was written in early 2023 by Lexi. During their time together, she and Daniel spent hours talking about hopes and fears, challenges and joys of life. Daniel describes Lexi as a truly gifted storyteller. Lexi wrote every lyric, creating a beautiful statement of faith and togetherness through the toughest of times. You can listen to the original song here


Miles to Go

By Christina with Travis Marcum & Claire Puckett

Community Partner: Livestrong Cancer Institutes 

Miles to Go was written in Fall of 2018 by Christina with Travis and Claire. Christina was a transcendent force for good and helped shape ACG’s Music and Healing Program with her guidance in piloting our first songwriting collaboration with community members undergoing cancer treatment. Christina wrote a vivid and honest piece about her experience with diagnosis and treatment. An accomplished seamstress and quilter, she used the imagery of patchwork and sewing to describe her familiarity with the “weight” and “wait” of this illness. She illuminated a powerful journey. Christina and her song forever changed ACG and the way that we connect with others. You can hear Miles to Go here


Meraki Lullaby

By Holly with Arnold Yzaguirre

Community Partner: Any Baby Can

Meraki Lullaby was written in late Summer 2018 as a part of Lullaby Project by Holly in partnership with local organization Any Baby Can. Holly chose this word Meraki meaning “essence of ourselves” to describe the feelings she had in anticipation of her baby coming into this world. Holly is a beautiful vocalist. She is full of joy and we at ACG are so grateful for her contribution. You can hear Holly and Arnold’s recording of Meraki Lullaby here


Don’t Wake Me

By D. with Claire Puckett and Travis Marcum

Community Partner: Red Oak Hope

Don’t Wake Me was written in Summer of 2020 by D. She created a truly imaginative and compelling vision of serenity in the face of a harsh and sharp world. D. took our Music and Healing Artists along on her journey to build an honest, whimsical portrait of transition through darkness. You can listen to Don’t Wake Me here


My Baby Princess

By Trimonisha with Joey Delahoussaye  

Community Partner: Travis Co. Correctional Complex

My Baby Princess was written by Trimonisha as a part of Lullaby Project in Spring of 2016 at Travis Co. Correctional Complex. Joey, ACG Music and Healing Artist would visit the facility, meeting with Trimonisha and transforming her stories, hopes and regrets into a love song for her daughter. Joey wrote: 

“When I met Trimonisha one of the first things she told me was that she and her six year old daughter Miracle had a tradition of lighting candles, drawing a bubble bath and putting on their “relaxation music”.  She let me into her world and allowed me to help her turn tears, joy and most of all her truth into a song that she and Miracle might one day listen to at their next bubble bath reunion. 

Trimonisha, thank you for putting your trust in me, someone that you didn’t really have a reason to trust. I hope you can take the bright spirit you showed to me and continue living it out in a world that hasn’t always been good to you.”

You can listen to My Baby Princess here


I Can Do This

By Dolly and Kourosh with Shayna Sands and Travis Marcum

Community Partner: Texas Oncology

I Can Do This was written by Dolly and Kourosh in late 2021 with Music and Healing Artist and austin singer-songwriter Shayna Sands. Dolly and her husband wanted to create a joyful and honest song of their long experience with cancer diagnosis, treatment, and the lessons learned along this journey. Inspired by Texas country acts like Robert Earl Keen, this song highlights the love between two people, the challenges inherent in their journey, and the gratitude and jubilation that is part of all life. The title for our concert “We’ve Always Known” comes from a line in this song. Dolly’s song tells us that the beauty of life and death is happening all around us and we’ve always known that it’s our connection to others that is the most important. You can see Shayna performing this song live here



By Marcelina with Travis Marcum 

Community Partner: Lifeworks

Simply titled Life, Marcelina wrote this lullaby to her daughter in Fall of 2019 in partnership with Austin community organization LifeWorks. With a deep message of hope for her baby, Marcelina is a strong, patient young mother who wanted to impart two things to her child through the lullaby process. One, she wanted her daughter to know that life is long and sometimes hard, but if you pay attention, it is beautiful. And two, she wanted her daughter to know that the two of them are connected in every way… forever. You can hear Marcelina singing her lullaby here


I Keep You Strong

By Davis with Travis Marcum and Amelia DeVivo

Community Partner: Annunciation Maternity Home

Written in Summer of 2015, Davis’ lullaby called I Keep You Strong conveys a beautiful message of solidarity and common purpose for mother and child. Davis wanted to express her belief that, as mother and son, the two of them will build each other up in times of hardship and for him to know that she will always be there for him. You can listen to I Keep You Strong here.


Felix’s Lullaby

By Felix with Arnold Yzaguirre and Claudia Chapa

Community Partner: Travis Co. Correctional Complex

Felix’s Lullaby is a statement of hope for a better future. Arnold worked with her TCCC to craft a message to her four children that expresses the most important sentiment… I love you now and forever. It is a soft descent into a peaceful place, a better tomorrow. You can listen to Felix’s Lullaby here.