Puff (2013) by Barry Stone
Marek Pasieczny

Marek is ACG’s Artist-in-Residence for the 2022-23 season! Learn more about this journey here.

Instagram: @marek_pasieczny

Bion Tsang

Instagram: @tsangbion

Thomas Burritt

Instagram: @tburritt

The HOME Guitar Orchestra features:

Joe Williams, Conductor

Bedichek Middle School – Phil Swasey, Director
Darnell Osaigbovo, Ceasar Alvarado-Hernandez, Daniel Rodriguez Sotelo, Julian Diaz, Viviana Garcia Vasquez, Anthony Loredo-Torres, Dominic Ruiz, Haider Jami, Jerry Fallas Hernandez, Vincent Delgado, Juan Piña-Venegas, Aryanna Mendoza, Bradley Bonilla-Sanchez, Eli Robles Cranston, Nicole Castillo, JerMichael James, Yamileth Isidoro Huerta, Timonthy Gauna, Christian Morales, & AJ Flores

Akins High School – Thomas Mann, Director
Connor McManus, Tony Costilla, Kyndra Azuara, Ethan Cadena, Yulissa Lopez, Susanna Lopez, McKenna Armstrong, Isaac Olivares-Salinas, Armando Peters, Adan Sanchez, Charles Sacco, Jason Ponti,& Logan Rauschke

ACG Youth Orchestra – Joe Williams, Director
Satvik Chawla, Jay Campanell, Emily Piper, Michael Vetter, Mason Michulka, Teddy McCoy, Nima Moin, Besa Carney, Trent Estrada, Andrew Swierk, Jianna Zamora, Dylan Glikman, Kian Mitchell, Kritanko Chakraborty, & Noah Melendrez

UT Austin Ensemble – Adam Holzman, Director
Aaron Baldauf, Andy Urbina, Will Tanner, & Gema Ornelas

UT San Antonio Ensemble – Dr. Isaac Bustos & Alejandro Montiel, Directors
Niko Dimitrijevic, Carlos Guevara, Diego Chavarría Rosas, Oscar Muñoz, Enzo Risi, Willem Flowers, Andrew Rubio, and Rogelio Trujillo

UT Rio Grande Valley – Dr. Michael Quantz, Director
Sam Handelman, Jonathan Dela Riva, Rodrigo Esparza, Miguel Urteaga & Daniel de la Cruz

ACG Chamber Ensemble – Tony Mariano, Director
David Lester, Zoe Lamb, Roberto Vasquez, Daniel Willard, John Garcia, Alexina Derkaz, Jay Clement, Raj Randeri, Meiying Xu, Clive Luke, Robert Herrold, Sylvie Harris & Randy Ringeisen

Additional members
with Joshua Friedman, Steve Kostelnik & Mengya Tian

Special thank you to Photographer and Video Artist Barry Stone and to Lora Reynolds Gallery for being our program partner! 
Barry Stone

Instagram: @barry_stone_

ACG Artist-in-Residency Program

The Elements was commissioned by Austin Classical Guitar as part of ACG’s annual Artist-in-Residency Program. This program engages world class artists to connect with Austin and create new works in collaboration with, and for, our community. Residencies are designed and led by ACG’s Director of Music Education and Music & Healing Travis Marcum, and ACG’s Artistic Director, Joe Williams, ACG Artistic Director.

Our 22-23 Residency is generously sponsored by atsec information security, in memory of Erika Evans.


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Kenken Gorder, Manager on Duty
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Jen Bamberg, Front-of-House Manager
Justice Phillips, Box Office Manager
Ryan Patterson, Box Office support
Laura Aldana, Front-of-House support
Ali Pappa, Assistant Stage Manager
Reilly Curren, Artist Care
Debra Lewis, House Manager
Todd Waldron, Recording Engineer
Travis Marcum, Lighting/Video Director
Cole Rickman, PAC Lighting Designer
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Kevin Chin VD, Video Production 
Caroline Richards, Percussion stagehand
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