ACG Let’s Listen

ACG’s Let’s Listen series presents playlists of videos and recordings created and introduced by ACG Team Members. The sets includes student performances, lullaby songs, recently recorded music, and more!


Enjoy a little guided concert experience created by ACG Executive Director Matt Hinsley, featuring one of our favorite artist, the flamenco virtuoso Grisha Goryachev. When the time is right, we invite you to gather in your living room, pour a glass of wine or sparkling water with lime, and take a tour through some amazing music!


Matt Hinsley introduces two short and inspiring videos of Lively Middle School Guitar and Dance students performing before the March 7, 2020 ACG presentation of David Russell.


ACG Artistic Director and Composer in Residence Joe Williams introduces a very special playlist of five selections from artists around the world. It begins with a special gift from Grammy-winning guitar icon David Russell – a performance of one of Joe’s own compositions, just recorded by David at his home in Spain.

We’ll also hear selections from Irish guitarist Redmond O’Toole and our favorite pair of Italians – SoloDuo (Lorenzo Micheli & Matteo Mela).

Music & Healing

Travis Marcum is ACG Education Director and Director of Music & Healing. Since 2015 he has run ACG’s Lullaby Project, a collaboration with Carnegie Hall through which our teaching artists are paired with a mom (mostly), in a shelter, hospital, prison, or with a social service partner, to write a personal song for her child or children.

The artist and mom spend hours together, usually over the course of about a month, talking and writing about hopes, dreams, and fears. The resulting ideas are distilled into lyrics, and the song is made.

In this very special edition of Let’s Listen, Travis introduces us to some of his favorite lullabies from the past five years.

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