Something magical happens when we come together to celebrate beauty.

I felt it last night at our Youth Orchestra concert. I felt it on Friday at our “Staff Cactus” show at the Cactus Cafe, where the room was crackling with the warmth of appreciation and friendship in spite of the chilly air outside.

On one unforgettable evening last month, 80 students from Austin came together to play Vivaldi’s Concerto in D Major with Pepe Romero.

A video from that special event isĀ online here.

Watching the concentration and anticipation in each performer’s face, and hearing the extraordinary music they are creating, I am transported. And I feel so incredibly grateful.

On behalf of all of us at Austin Classical Guitar, I would like to say how grateful we are to you for sharing these special moments of togetherness with us throughout the year.

Your belief in music, your belief in us, your belief in the beauty of artistic expression, make it all possible.

Happy Thanksgiving,




Matt Hinsley