Classical guitar is magic.  The instrument is so beautiful, the sound so precious, the music so diverse and captivating, the art form so vibrant.  To listen to classical guitar is to step into a world of subtle nuance, color, and contrast.

The magic may course through the strings, the wood and the rosette, but it begins with students, performers, and composers, and is made manifest in our ears, in our minds, and in our imaginations.

I think of the twelve-year-old boy who wrote this year asking for a guitar program in his school, of the veteran who shared his amazing story with us last week, of the kids at Gardner Betts whose class I saw a few short weeks ago, of the young man who graduated high school and received our full scholarship to pursue guitar at ACC.

I think of changed lives, and I think: Thank You.

I think of the debut of FlamencoAustin, of the spectacular premiere of an original film score in June, of the LAGQ’s return to Austin, of Jorge Caballero and the Miró Quartet at the Long Center, of Classical Cactus and Austin Guitar Salon, of Grisha and Jerome Mouffe playing for 1,000 kids in 10 schools.

The art is thriving here, reaching thousands, and it’s all because of you.

Thank you for coming to our events, for supporting our programs, and for your commitment to music in our community.  Thank you for your belief in the Austin Classical Guitar Society.

In gratitude,

Matthew Hinsley, Executive Director

Austin Classical Guitar Society