Things are heating up these days.

Our newest employee, Eric Pearson, joined us from New York on Tuesday.  He arrived in Texas Tuesday morning and we had him on site teaching within hours!  Eric will be an invaluable asset to our education team and he will also direct our community guitarists programs.

A highlight Wednesday was a film shoot I did with Joseph WIlliams II.  Joe is composing the piece that will be premiered at Austin Pictures with Peter Bay conducting over 100 players with the Miro Quartet.  The 5-movement piece he’s writing sound unbelievable and was totally inspired hearing him talk about it.  I can’t wait to share the video interview we did with you.

Today we gave away our second prize for our Austin Pictures Picture challenge!  Another will come soon.  It’s been really fun seeing all of the images come in on our Facebook page!  We’ll be rolling those together with lot’s of other slides and images and videos for the AV displays at Austin Pictures.

This Saturday at 10am, and again on Sunday at 3pm, KMFA will broadcast their Kids Recording Kids project on which we were a partner.  The show will feature guitar students from McCallum – so tune in!  And speaking of KMFA – they recorded our sold-out Classical Cactus show last Thursday night and it is set to air at 7PM on Tuesday, September 6th!  So if you didn’t get to see Thales Smith and Jonathan Dotson play last Thursday live, you can catch the broadcast!

Between school starting, the new season launching, and the crazy run up to Austin Pictures, things at ACGS are running at top speed.  We’re excited for the new projects and the new responsibilities, though, and look forward to doing the very best work we can.