Johannes Möller is one of those rare people who lifts you up just by his presence.  You don’t even need to talk – just being in the same room and seeing his smile, and feeling his energy, brings a hard-to-describe effervescence and positivity.  And nowhere is it more palpable than when you hear him play.

Johannes, of course, won the GFA when we hosted it in Austin in 2010.  The GFA – as many know – is the world’s most prestigious interanational competition.  Winning it is akin to winning Wimbledon… but on the guitar.  And the fact that he won it right here in Austin, makes his return, on the GFA winner’s tour on January 28th, all the sweeter.

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Joahnnes is an inventive composer who writes soulful, tuneful, and expressive music.  He’ll play a bunch of original selections on the fabulous program he has planned for us (view his program online now).

Recently I asked Johannes to share some thoughts about his upcoming trip back to Austin.

Matthew Hinsley: What does it mean to you to come back to Austin, after winning GFA here in 2010?

Johannes Möller: Winning the GFA competition at the convention in Austin was huge and I will always have a special relation to your city. I dreamt about winning this competition since my early teenage years and I entered it various times in the past. Winning it was significant turning point in my career but also on a personal level as I was able to realize a dream.

MH: Is there any part of Austin you’d love to see, or see again?

JM: It was summer during the convention so I remember the tropical climate, you might not like it yourselves, but coming from Sweden I loved it! One of the highlights was going down to the river and getting mesmerized by the peaceful life of the turtles. However I was mostly at my hotel room practicing that week so I can’t wait to see more of Austin this time!

MH: Tell me about Johannes the composer?

JM: My composing and guitar playing have gone hand in hand almost since I first got into music, which is now almost 20 years ago. There have been times when I feel that the two professions have competed between each other. But every year I feel that they support each other more and more, when I am interpreting music I go in depth and learn from the works of the masters of the past and of our time. And being a composer give me continuously new insights which makes my understanding of music deeper and deeper.

MH: Is there anything you’d like our audience to know walking into your concert?

JM: Sit back, enjoy and let the music take over!

MH: Is that your dog in the picture?

JM: Cassi lives with my father, but we feel that she belongs to the whole family!