This fall we’re thrilled to return to in-person concerts, and introduce you to KMFA’s breathtaking new Draylen Mason Music Studio. We can’t wait to share two more international virtuosos of guitar in this new jewel of the Austin music landscape. Learn more here.

There are so many astounding things coming to ACG this season and we couldn’t be more grateful! One of these amazing things being our newest President of ACG’s Board of Directors, Alyce Zawacki. 

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Alyce is an Austin-based attorney for creatives and owner of Alyce Zawacki Law. Alyce shared a little bit about her work and what led her down that path,

“I work primarily with artists and creative industry businesses. I have worked with a wide range of clients, including musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, content creators, graphic design studios, interior designers, and creative-based start-up companies. 

Growing up, I participated in theatre, film production, journalism, and photography and was constantly surrounded by various music, thanks to my dad, who worked as a DJ for many years. At some point, I started exploring other ways to still be involved in working with people in creative fields. I went to university studying media communications and law and from there, I was able to find a niche passion for the law as it relates to the entertainment, media, and art industries (in particular copyright, trademark, right of publicity and contracts).”

We first connected with Alyce in 2018 when a past ACG staff member invited her to one of our UpClose events with Brazilian guitarist Marcus Tardelli. Alyce shared a little bit about this introduction, 

“I was first formally introduced to ACG while attending an LGBT Chamber of Commerce event. A past ACG staff member was also there and invited me to attend a special ACG event at a beautiful mansion with Brazilian guitarist Marcus Tardelli performing. While this performance was absolutely spectacular, as I learned about the educational programming of ACG, this was what really captured me.”

We are so grateful to be able to build deep connections through one of our greatest passions here, ACG Education. This year is our education program’s 20th anniversary! We have so many wonderful stories to share about the past year in ACG Education. Read our 2021 Education Report here.

Our mission here at ACG is to inspire individuals in the communities we serve through musical experiences of deep personal significance. As the new President of ACG’s Board of Directors, Alyce shared what this mission means to her. 

“To me, our mission means using music as a tool to communicate, celebrate and heal. Music is so incredibly powerful and is a means of catharsis for so many, including myself. I was lucky to grow up in a family that encouraged listening to music and valued its importance, but not everyone has access to music in the same way that I did. I love that ACG is able to fill a void in so many people’s lives by providing musical joy.”

We are so excited to begin our 31st season in our new home in the Baker Center in Hyde Park! We also have started building a new venue space, The Rosette, in partnership with The Alamo Drafthouse. With all these new and exciting things happening at ACG we have so many future plans and goals! Alyce shared some goals she has being part of ACG Board of Directors, 

“With ACG’s new home at the Baker Center, I think the biggest goal for the next two years is to ensure that we have a turn-key production plan and utilize the amazing space in creative ways that allow us to continue growing and spreading our mission. The Baker Center is such an exciting step for ACG, and I can’t wait to see what Matt and the ACG staff have in store for us all!”