The National Teacher Summit is a 3-day intensive workshop designed to prepare teachers who are new to the guitar classroom and to improve the playing and instruction of experienced guitar teachers. You will participate in a combination of technique, pedagogy, conducting and advocacy workshops with hands-on teaching and feedback. 

We’re so excited to share three days of inspiration, information, and fun with you! Check out the schedule below: 

South Carolina Summit Schedule 2023

Friday, July 28th

8:30am Registration

9:00am Orientation 

10:00am Beautiful Music Making From Day 1 

11:00am Technique and Analyses of Level 1 

12:00pm Lunch

1:30pm Level 2 & Elementary w/ Chris Ortiz

2:30pm Breakouts Sessions

3:30pm Large Group Rehearsal 

5:00pm  Reception

6:00pm Done


Saturday, July 29th

9:00am Big Group Warm Up/Rehearsal

10:00am Building the Guitar Infrastructure 

11:00am Level 3, Transitioning to Alternation & Elementary w/Chris Ortiz

12:00pm Lunch

1:30pm Breakout Sessions

2:30pm Planning the Year

3:30pm Large Group Concert/Recording

5:00pm Concert with Marco Sartor

6:00pm Done