We are thrilled to announce that season ticket packages are now available for Austin Classical Guitar’s 2022-23 Season: Home. Our Live at The Rosette series features spectacular artists from Italy, Poland, Spain, France, South Korea, and Peru, all performing in our new Hyde Park concert and creative learning center, The Rosette. Our ACG Originals series includes a silent film with live music, Matt Hinsley & Friends in a show called Gratitude, the culminating project of our Artist in Residence with Austin youth, and a uniquely powerful concert experience called We’ve Always Known built from songs produced by ACG’s Music & Healing program.


Today’s the day! If you want to make sure and get the best available seats for Grisha, or Andrea González Caballero, or SoloDuo, or our first-ever Music & Healing inspired concert We’ve Always Known, tickets for individual events are now available. We’re bringing artists from Italy, Spain, Poland, France, Peru and all over the US for transcendent evenings of musical magic all season long.

We’re so excited for our first full season in our new home, The Rosette. With just eighty-five seats, we’re told every spot in the house is fabulous, but here’s your chance to choose just the perfect one you for you for that special event.


Are you a streaming fan? If so, stay tuned! All major events at the Rosette will be streamed this year. Tickets will be available in September.

It’s also not too late to save money, and secure your seats for the whole season, with our ticket packages! We recommend jumping on your package purchases soon, though, because individual seat purchases will now affect package seating locations.


We can’t wait to share beautiful and inspiring moments with you soon!